When you’re all about solving your pain issues with Eastern medicine over resorting to Western prescription pain medications. Sooo what…I have a physical therapy hickey!! Hahaha  If anyone is having pain issues I have been coming here for years and couldn’t be happier with the services they offer!! I’ve never felt better. They’ll work with your insurance. Ask for Anna Kochanova.
— Melanie C., 6/5/2017

This place is amazing! Pain relief indeed. I’ve been coming here for over a year for acupuncture (Karen, you are my savior!). I have also done some physical therapy and massage therapy (Brenda, thank you! Your hands are so gifted!). I’ve had issues with upper back pain for years. I’ve found my relief in the hands of the ladies and gents from Wall Street Pain Relief Center. With the risk of sounding too good to be true, I will say, the services and attention I’ve received at this office are out of this world! The doctors and therapists spend time with you, and listen to YOU, what you feel and what you think, and then they apply their magic. Arina and Valerie, thank you for always making me feel so welcomed here.
— Alina P., 1/25/2017

Having suffered a moderate injury, I was concerned whether I would every gain full functionality of my body again. Thanks to the great treatment of Dr. Nicky Triantafyllos, I’ve been healthier than ever! I fully recommend stopping by and receiving treatment, as the office here works to make PT something that you look forward to from week to week! I can’t give a strong enough endorsement for how great this office is, you’ll just have to find out by yourself.
— Brian D., 12/28/2016

I’ve been going to Wall Street Pain Relief Center for a few weeks now. I love this place. I previously had a microdiscectomy and occasionally run into problems. Being new to NYC, I checked out a few places and luckily ended up here. The staff is friendly and welcoming. They are very helpful with all insurance related matters.

All the Chiros and Physical Therapists I’ve seen here have been by far some of the best I have worked with. Also, they use a pilates method for their physical therapy which in my experience is the most helpful. And, of course, their facilities are great with all the latest equipment. And, the best part is that I don’t have to carry extra clothed with me – they keep comfortable clothes at the office and have them ready (and washed) every time I have an appointment.
— Kaycee C., 12/9/2016

This is the best experience I have ever had with any doctors office. Very friendly staff and very experienced.
— Christopher M., 12/2016

I have been receiving chiropractor, physical therapy and acupuncture services for a pretty significant lower back injury, and am really impressed every time I go. The staff are extremely friendly and professional, and always remember all previous conversations relating to my injury so I never had to repeat myself. I am now completely injury free and have these guys to thank for it!

The facilities are all state of the art, and in perfect condition. Val the office manager also sends texts a few days before the appointment to confirm each time, which I found really helpful!. Very highly recommended!! In the event I need anything else I will definitely be back.
— Dane J. , 11/22/2016

Incredible facility that I have been going to for several months. I have received physical therapy, chiropractor, and acupuncture services for my neck and back. They have state of the art equipment, products, and the most pleasant staff. I am always satisfied and feel great when I leave. My pain and discomfort is essentially gone, thanks to my awesome team! I will definitely go back if something happens to me in the future. They are like family to me!
— Charlie F., 10/14/2016

Wall Street Pain Relief is a fabulous place! clean, modern and SUPER EFFECTIVE!  The doctor, all the office staff, and specially the Physical Therapy team really took me from barely able to walk due to an awful fall, to back to normal. They work like an orchestra, each one with their specialty -pilates, acupuncture, manual work, chiropractic- but all as a team to make you feel your best. They as good at establishing a gradual/sustained rehab plan back to health, as they are great and dealing with acute pain on a bad day. I have a special thanks to the acupuncturist for being so good at what she does but also for being so caring and supportive.
— Anna B., 4/6/2016

Dr. Kotlyarsky’s staff are miracle workers! Professional yet easygoing, skilled yet unpretentious, they offer a holistic approach that includes acupuncture, alignment, massage, physical therapy, pilates, and a warm sense of humor. The place is spotless, with free snacks and well-equipped treatment rooms. Each treatment is patiently explained and tailored to meet specific healing needs. Very highly recommended!
— Conor Tomás R., 2/1/2016

So many things I need to mention about Nicky and the office she works in. Very friendly staff, they even accommodated me and adjusted their schedule to fit me in during my free time, receptionist is very helpful and caring, staff are very down to earth. Nicky herself is a great PT, she took her time listening to my concerns, history and whatever that could been bothering me. I am currently on PT course with her and I feel better as the pain is fading away every time I go for a session. Very convenient that they have 2 offices and they are just as good as it can get.
— Mark E.,  1/8/2016

Dr. Klein was patient & knowledgeable. He assessed my condition & answered my questions & listened to my concerns. I felt there was some improvements in my condition & look forward to my next appt.
— Jamie B.

I saw Dr. Kushnerik for my back pain. He seemed friendly and patient. I also saw Dr. Lauren Physical Therapist who was a very knowledgeable!. Great facility and amazing pilates studio!
— Cynthia C., 11/16/2015

Professional, knowledgable, great facility and amazing staff. Thank you for all your help!
— Diana P., 10/16/2015

I’ve never had acupuncture prior to meeting Arina and not being fond of needles, I was leery and a little nervous. After my 1st treatment, I was a believer. Arina always explains and shares her knowledge of traditional Chinese techniques. Over the years she has introduced me to fire cupping, Moxa (which a Chinese herb that is burned near the skin in order to warm acupuncture points), Traditional cupping using a vacuum (which is my favorite), hot stone massage and Electro-acupuncture. (a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles) It is not for the faint of heart but this alleviates pain better than anything else I’ve ever experienced! Arina has a great touch and is constantly in tuned with her patients and has the best assistants! Her precision placement of needles, relaxing background music and fragrance of the office puts me into the deepest of sleeps. I wake up feeling energized, invigorated and focused with all my senses heightened.
— J D., 4/25/2014

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  1. Amazing place. Albina at the front desk is incredibly helpful. Amy and Rita are amazing therapists. They both helped me through a difficult period and helped me heal. I truly can’t recommend this place enough

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