Allison was born in Chengdu,China and was trained in her home country in the Acupuncture Department of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the most prestigious academic institution of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the world. She specializes in pain-management, sport related injuries, fertility, Bell’s palsy, facial and abdominal acupuncture.

She developed an interest in facial acupuncture due to the many benefits. Through stimulation of acupoints on the face and related acu points on the body, it aims to promote circulation for better skin radiance and removal of fine lines, as well as adjust imbalances in the body. Aside from boosting physical appearance, facial acupuncture also releases the stress and eases anxiety. In her philosophy, skin health is a mirror to internal health conditions. Appearance is closely related to internal organs, Qi and blood. She practices with facial tui-na and gua sha.

For fertility, acupuncture restores hormonal balance, increases blood flow to reproductive organs and regulates ovulation. In men, acupuncture may improve sperm quality. Allison feels immense joy when she is able to provide that help to patients who have tried everything they can to conceive.

Abdominal acupuncture (Fu Zhen) is a powerful new system of acupuncture which is based on the micro system of the body. It is where our life force, our Jing (essence) originates from. From her experience,abdominal acupuncture is effective for chronic conditions. She practices it with therapeutic essential oils.

She also has been a marathon runner for the past five years.