What is Physical Therapy?  Physical Therapy is a discipline within the health care field that focuses on reducing pain, and increasing function in our patients by using a combination of manual therapies (e.g. massage), movement training, exercises, and wellness practices. Physical therapists focus on helping to relieve pain, restoring and improving function and mobility, and promoting general healing. Their work can range from helping someone recover from knee surgery, to improving the mechanics of a dancer’s movements, to improving a weight-lifter’s form, to helping patients struggling with chronic pain or illness.

Our Physical Therapists have all received a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and use evidence-based practice to create a treatment plan customized to your individual needs.

During your evaluation your PT will examine your strength, range of motion, and the quality of your movement. Using this information she will design an individualized treatment plan. This plan can include manual work, where the PT will use her hands or certain tools to help improve the quality of your muscles and tissues, stretching and strengthening exercises. You may also be given exercises to do at home, which will help you both keep and achieve more gains in your rehabilitation. Your PT will work with you to decrease your pain, improve your function and prevent future injuries.