The Five Factors of Healthy Living

Health and wellness begins with a pro-active approach to physical, emotional and mental well-being by addressing “The 5 Factors of Healthy Living”:

1. Stress Management: To alleviate the body’s natural flight-or-flight response (i.e., systemic inflammation and cortisol secretion) from everyday stressors, we engage in stress management behaviors and relaxation techniques such as meditation and mindfulness.


2. Sleep Quality: A quality sleep cycle of 7-9 hours resets metabolic rates, refreshes skin cells, and recharges organ systems for optimal functionality. Thus, to rejuvenate mind and body—and help prevent or treat diabetes, depression and a slew of other emotional, physical and mental disorders—sleep-enhancement techniques are practiced.

3. Hydration: Water consumption is the body’s natural filtration and detoxification system. We encourage 2 liters of water consumption per day to fuel bodies for activity, to alleviate constipation, to manage chronic inflammatory conditions such as migraines, and prevent overeating via satiety.

4. Nutrition: We aim to correct patterns of eating sugar-rich, fatty and highly-processed foods, which have been scientifically-proven to cause cancer and directly-correlated with diabetes. From the kitchen to the restaurant dining room, we discuss portion size and encourage a healthy, plant-based diet.

5. Physical Activity: Movement strengthens muscles, prevents osteoporosis, burns calories, increases circulation, improves mental clarity and helps us maintain flexibility as we age. To take the “work” out of “working out,” we focus on weekly and seasonal recreational activities such as yoga, aerobics, basketball, hiking and stretching